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At Integral Dental we understand that every patient is different and our patient’s fees will reflect your individual needs.

After your initial consultation you will be provided with a personalised report with a detailed fee estimate for the services you require.

(Finance plans are available on certain treatments and we work with private cover such as BUPA and AXA PPP).

Initial Consultation with X-ray + Hygine £95.00
Routine Dental Exam + Hygiene (30 mins) £95.00
Emergency Appointment with X-ray £65.00
Emergency Appointment out of hours £95.00
TMJ Consultation £45.00
Periodontal Consultation £45.00
2nd Opinion£45.00
Recall Appointment + Hygiene (20 mins)£70.00
Diagnostic Price
Diagnostic Stent £85.00
Diagnostic Make Over/Unit £25.00
Study Models £85.00
Diagnostic Wax Up/Tooth £30.00
Hygiene/Periodontal Price
Hygiene Visit £70.00
Pocket Disenfection £50.00
Deep Clean/Quadrant £150.00
Full Mouth Disinfection/Quadrant £100.00
Childrens Dentistry Price
Child Exam/New Child£45.00
Child Hygiene £40.00
Child Fissure Sealent £20.00
Child Filling Composite £60.00
Child Extraction £60.00
White Fillings Price
Composite Filling V. Small £80.00
Composite Filling Small £120.00
Composite Filling Medium £160.00
Composite Filling Large £200.00
Inlays Price
Inlay Placement £450.00
Inlay Recement £75.00
Composite Bonding/Maryland Wing £300.00
Inlay/Maryland/Pontic £450.00
Dental Surgical Procedures Price
Routine Extractions from£150.00
Surgical Extractions from£250.00
Extraction of Wisdom Tooth from£200.00
Extraction of Impacted Wisdom Tooth from£300.00
Crown Lenghtening from£75.00
Cavitation from£250.00
Cyst/Granuloma Removal from£200.00
PRF 1 Area from£200.00
PRF 2 Area from£150.00
Crowns Price
Zirconia Crown £650.00
E. Max Crown £650.00
Temporary Crown £150.00
Recementing of Crown £50.00
Implant Post £250.00
Implant Crown £650.00
Veneers Price
Veneer per Unit £650.00
Individual Lab Veneers £850.00
Bridge Work Price
Ceramic Zirconia Bridge per Unit £650.00
Temorary Bridge per Unit £150.00
Bridge recement per Unit £75.00
E. Max Ceramic Bridge per Unit £650.00
Dentures Price
Upper or Lower Partial Acrylic Denture £450.00
Upper or Lower Full Acrylic Denture £700.00
Partial Denture Skeleton £1500.00
Reline Lower or Upper £200.00
Miscellaneous Price
Essix. Retainer £125.00
Gum Shield £125.00
Bite Raising App £125.00
Cosmetic Contouring/Tooth £20.00
Smoothing/Tooth £15.00
Temporary Filling £50.00

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Diagnostics, Hygiene and Periodontal

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Bridges, Dentures and Implants

Extractions and Fillings

Mercury and Metal Free Dentistry

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